Tour de Mud - Milestone (UK Only)

Tour de Mud - Milestone (UK Only)

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Tour de Mud - Milestone (UK Only)

Activity:  Run / Walk

You've definitely heard of the Tour de France, and maybe even the Tour de Yorkshire, well now its time for Tour de Mud. We all know we are tougher together, so there are no 'going solo' shenanigans here, this challenge is about travelling the distance between all of our much loved UK Tough Mudder venues with your teammates.


To complete this Milestone your team must run, jog or walk a combined 1175 miles of distance. These miles will be tracked using FitRankings. You can decide how to divide it up between yourselves as long as the total is achieved (Indoor equipment accepted).

Your progress tracking will start when you first sign into FitRankings. 

How it works

Purchase, track and complete your Milestone using your chosen Fitness tracker and FitRankings.

1. After purchasing, check your inbox for your Challenge Confirmation email.
2. Use the unique code in the email to register for FitRankings through the portal below.
3. Start working towards your Milestone and tracking your results.
4. Find tips, support, and share your journey in our dedicated Facebook Group.

Earn your finisher coin and celebrate your achievements. Which Milestone is next?

Fit Rankings Instructions

Use your unique code to register for FitRankings in through this portal. Once logged in you can sync FitRankings with your fitness tracker of choice or download their app for easy access on your phone. Follow your progress and once you complete this Milestone FitRankings will notify you. 


Need more info? Check our FitRankings FAQs.